Yeti single handedly changed coolers from cheap plastic to rugged luxury coolers for outdoor caprices & extended ice life. Their products are specifically targeted to camping, hunting, fishing, and beer drinkers – which are of course is one of the biggest Yeti enthusiasts. Little wonder the cooler size capacity is measured with beer cans (Pun Intended).

Yeti ice chest line known as the Tundra series range from small, medium to giant sized cooler models. One of the most searched large models is Yeti Tundra 110. This giant cooler has plenty of room to cater for your needs on long trips, BBQ parties, fishing and hunting expeditions.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth review covering everything you need to know about the model.

Yeti Tundra 110 Review & Specifications


If there’s any fairy tale narrative I’d believe, it will be love at first sight. The Tundra 110 is built with every inch of sleekness and has a daring look to it that screams durable. Utilizing a rotomolded process of construction, the body of the cooler is indestructible, of course, don’t try too hard to break it because you actually might.

Thick walls of up to 2 inches that’s injected with permafrost insulation not only extend ice life but also makes it bulky to haul.

The hinge system has two pins that connect the body and the lid. Also, it enables the lid to stay up without having to hold it with your hands while groping for items inside the chest. You’ll have innumerable times of closing and opening the lid without the fear of the pin breaking.

As it is built for the wild, the ice chest comes equipped with padlock holes to lock your cooler against grizzly bears and intruders. Yes, it is grizzly bear resistant.

Upfront, you’ll notice the T-rex latches on both ends to lock your chest and it does so without leaving space for heat to get inside. For easy transport, Yeti integrates the cooler with double haul handles suitable for two people to carry. On the sides just below the lid are the molded-in handles that provide a firm and comfortable grip especially for a single person.

It also integrates a leak-proof drain plug that is designed for easy draining without tilting your cooler up high.

Size / Capacity / Dimension

Talking about size, Yeti Tundra 110 is in the giant echelon. You’ll need to create space to store the cooler in the back of your vehicle. It has plenty of room inside, a feature that will appeal to people that are always on the road. With a 74 can and 90 pounds of ice capacity, this chest is a fridge in its own right.

The exterior measures 18 1/8” × 20” × 37 1/2” and inside measures 10 7/8” × 14 3/4” × 29 3/8. This cooler is incredibly heavy at 39lbs when empty. Lifting the cooler when it’s filled with drinks will probably pass for weight lifting.

It is cumbersome to store a cooler this size. A factor you have to keep in mind when purchasing.

Ice & Insulation Performance

Yeti Tundra coolers have up to two inches of insulation coupled with permafrost insulation injected in the walls for extended ice life. The T-rex latches seal the base and the lid blocking all the heat out while the cold stays in for longer.

The Tundra 110 is a premium cooler with one of the longest ice retention of up to 7 days. However, this depends on how you pack your cooler and the quality of ice packs used. The weather, and how often you open the ice chest great impacts the ice life. Just put that at the back of your mind.


The sturdy construction of the cooler provides for different uses like; fishing, hunting, tailgating, camping, picnic, BBQ party and many more. Made to reflect the UV rays of the sun, the product is perfect for outdoor use. Again, it is extremely beautiful to the eyes, you’ll definitely get some nice compliments when you go out it.

Plenty of room for up to 74 cans is a lot of space. This will be able to cater for you and your friends even on a long trip.

What size is best for you?

In this situation, there’s no one fit for all. It is your duty to know how much space will suffice for the occasion and choose a model according to your needs. We have outlined all the Yeti capacities here.

Some Accessories You Should Buy For the Yeti 110


Yeti Tundra chests come with a dry basket. Consider it a free gift. However, in order to arrange your cooler and avoid scattering or groping for drinks, you’ll need to strategically place your food and drinks separately. Now that’s exactly what these dividers do. Keep your items arranged without mixing up.

Ice Packs

Ice packs are just indispensable for longer ice periods. Unlike physical ice, they are re-freezable and will not leave a pool of water after melting. You need the best ice packs that are not petroleum based and will last for days.


T-rex latches – Busted latches are a thing of the past. Tundra models are made of heavy-duty latches which Yeti claim to be a patented technology that will never succumb to the pressure of day to day use.

Interlock Lid System – The Tundra ice chests are built with every intention of creating a synergy for maximum insulation and extended ice period.

DoubleHaul Handles & LipGrip Handles – DoubleHaul handles are made of military-grade polyester rope that is perfect for two people carrying the chest.

LipGrip handles, on the other hand, is molded below the lid, on both sides, which offers a comfortable position for a single person to carry it.

Vortex Drain System – The vortex drain system is integrated for quick water purges. Never again will you have to deal with soggy sand witches.

Rotomolded Construction – Rotomolded construction is perhaps the highlight of Tundra chests. This construction makes the cooler indestructible and permafrost insulation is injected into the walls for extra insulation.

Is The Yeti Tundra 110 Worth It? Verdict

Despite the high price, Yeti coolers keep on breaking their sale numbers. It seems people are hungry for their products now more than ever. Is Yeti a fad? I doubt it after its release people thought about it as much but years later Yeti is still standing strong and even used as a measure to compare other cooler brands.


Yeti doesn’t take short cuts and their construction is made with the best materials available; the result is a rugged cooler that does not sweat, insulates well, and indestructible.

Another great thing about their products is that they have a better resale value. Even after using the Tundra for some time, you can still cash out to recoup almost half of what you’ve purchased it for.

The Yeti Tundra 110 is a large cooler that requires a large investment upfront. However, if you’d shell out the cash to buy this product, you’ll still use the cooler for many years.

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