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Most commercial ice makers are burly and heavy.

Then, you will agree that;

There are times you want to travel light, or your kitchen is so stuffed that you would not add any machine.

You appreciate a minimalist approach to your kitchen setting and compromising is not an option you’d consider.

In such situations, the smallest portable ice maker machine is ideal for such cases.

Yes, with the smaller models, you will not enjoy the massive production and storage of the larger models. Portable units are usually ideal for residential purposes.

In this article, we’ve scoured the internet to find the smallest ice makers that you should consider buying if mobility, portability, and convenience is what you are after.

Smallest Ice Makers

Igloo ICE103-Red Compact Ice Maker – Budget Model

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If there’s a perfect way to describe the iGloo ICE102 RED, it will be small but mighty. It has a stainless steel exterior with an elegant finish that will blend to your kitchen setup.

Yes, this unit allows you to select up to 3 sizes of ice. Electronic controls make it easy to turn on/off the machine, while the LED indicators show when ice is full or when the reservoir storage is low on water.

It produces up to 26lbs of ice in a day and offers decent ice storage of 2.2lbs, making it easier to have a considerable amount of ice. This reduces frequent emptying of the ice bin.

Dimensions measure 14 x 12 x 15 inches; it’s portable enough to sit on your countertop or in the back seat of your car without hassles.

Frigidaire EFIC101 Portable Compact Maker

Frigidaire is a popular choice among customers. Setting it up does not need any fancy installation, connect it to a power source, and wait for about 9 – 15 fifteen minutes to have the first batch of ice. The production capacity is up to 26lbs per and stores 2.3 quarts of water for fast continuous operation.

With electric controls, it becomes easier to turn on and off the ice maker. Equipped with a see-through window, you can see the ice inside to know if the ice is formed or not.

Silent operation is guaranteed as it runs 38 decibels which is soothing to the ear. Melted water can be purged through the drain plug quickly. For people of style, you will be happy to know that it comes in three different colors of; copper, black and silver.

Overall, this unit is relatively light at 19.15lbs; you can transport it from place to place without feeling pain in your back.  More so, it is affordable and will suffice for your everyday ice demand.

Iceplus Portable Ice Maker Machine

The Iceplus countertop ice maker is a portable unit that is visually appealing. Thanks to the combination of steel and plastic at the top and bottom. It comes in around shape, and a transparent window to observe ice production.

This unit has one of the fastest ice making processes. While the average unit can make ice in 8-15 minutes, you can get the first batch of ice in 6 minutes.

It comes with a drain hole that allows easy draining of melted ice. In terms of ice production, it makes up to 50lbs in a day and has a 2.1 lbs storage. You won’t have any hard time when transporting, at 24.6lbs carrying is a breeze.

If you are worried about manufacture defects, then don’t, as the Iceplus comes with a 1 year warranty. Use the manual to call customer service when the need arises. LED lights and automatic shut off function preserve energy.

In conclusion, this compact ice maker is ideal for RV, kitchen, camping, road trips, and much more. Downside; it is a bit pricey compared to other machines in its class and the ice melts quickly. It reached the stage where the manufacturers recommend users to use the ice directly from the machine or store it in a freezer. However, its fast ice production is almost unparalleled.

hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker

hOmelabs is a popular choice among ice maker buyers. The company produces an army of efficient products that they have a large following.

This product from hOmelabs gets the job done; in 6 -8 minutes you can have your first batch of bullet ice. Yes, the ice is soft and chewable.

Production takes up to 26lbs per day and has a 2.2 water reservoir. It measures 9.5 x 12.9 x 14, making it among the top three in the most compact range.

hOmelabs comes in a sleek finish and features a limited color option of metallic grey and silver, which almost look the same if you ask me.

The water reservoir is below the ice basket which utilizes the melted ice to make more ice. Automatic shut off function ensures the ice basket does not overflow or the reservoir does not run empty during the operation.

For those that care, this unit is ETL certified and does not require any complicated installation. Making it work is a breeze, add water, plug it in, and wait for your ice in no time. It includes a basket and ice scoop, saving you a few dollars in the process.

Overall, this is a fast ice maker that is incredibly quiet and can be used for parties, kitchen, camping, etc. But you should know that it does not retain ice for long outside the machine.

IKICH Portable Ice Maker

Ikich is a portable ice option that will get you hooked at first sight; the stainless finish accentuates the beauty.

Now, this unit is fast, and the manufacturers boast of a 6 minutes first batch, although we are yet to test this ourselves, many customers have confirmed the claim to be valid.

Like most products on the list, this unit can make ice 26lbs of ice in 24 hours, thanks to the 2-liter water reservoir. One thing we love about this unit is the quiet operation; it has a muffled sound that runs below 45 decibels. Measures just 8.7 x 12.3 x 12.6 inches, it’s slightly smaller compared to the products on our list. You can fit this unit into your countertop and RV without any compromise.

Made up of food-grade material, it is safe to use the ice even in your children’s drink.

It produces bullet-shaped ice and can produce up to two different ice sizes.  It has a clear window to see the ice inside.   No installation is needed for the unit; in fact, there is no plumbing required to start using this unit.

In the event you encounter any problem, put your mind to rest because IKICH offers a two-year warranty and 30-day return policy.

Small Ice Maker – Do You Need One?

As I’ve said in the beginning of the article; a small ice maker is a decision you have to make based on your needs and the situation.

These small units sure can’t compete in ice production with larger models. However, most of the products on the list can consistently offer up to 26lbs of ice in a day, which could suffice for residential use.

Also, if you are the minimalist type, the small units fit right into your décor.  They are easy to transport, can fit into any countertop, your RV can seat in the back of your car. In all, users on the go will enjoy the companion of a small ice maker.

Commercial functions are demanding and would require a larger ice maker, but then you have to sacrifice portability and mobility.

Finally, you know your needs more than anybody does. Select an ice maker that will satisfy your demands without hassles, and you will do just fine.


If you’ve read thus far, then you should have known by now that the smallest ice makers don’t necessarily mean low in performance.

The average ice production in all the units in our list is 20lbs, which is a sweet spot for residential use.

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