If you want that perfect large round ice ball that you could look through if you try hard, then you need best whiskey ice molds.

They are better than nugget and sonic ice when it comes to solidity; they don’t melt as quickly compared to other ice shapes.

There are many ice molds in the market, and with varieties comes many low-quality products.

It’s just hard to sieve through to find the perfect model for your needs.

Here at Coolersjunkie, our work involves curating the best products for your needs.

Needless to say, these are products that have been tested are the best in what they do; make ice and keep it frozen for long.

If you are a straight shooter and would rather see the best whiskey and cocktail molds, then you will find the comparison table below handy.

Wintersmiths IC-S Ice Chest –  Best Ice Ball Mold

This is our overall best ice ball mold, and it’s for a profound reason. First off, the quality of the Wintersmith is the best we’ve seen so far.

Let’s talk about the design, it is made of some soft exterior material, and the internal compartment is made with a robust hard plastic that’s easy to clean, BPA free, EPE Foam, and FDA approved.

The construction filters out air bubbles from ice which reduce the chances of it breaking while popping it out of the mold or in your drink. With a diameter of 2.36, it is slightly bigger than all the units on the list.

The best thing about this unit is crystal ice it makes, simply fill in the mold with tap water, place it in your fridge to freeze and what you get is the clearest ice ball.

When it comes to keeping your liquor cool and slow melting, the Wintersmith is the ideal machine you need. It creates four mold ice after 24 hours. Again, this ice maker is made in the USA.

It possesses every feature to justify the price. However, this unit may be overly expensive for users. In that case, you will find the options below more suitable for your needs.

Glacio Sphere Ice Duo

Glacio sphere ice duo forms a large round ice ball that fits into your cup as though it was made for it.

It forms ice balls that are bigger than conventional ice cubes and as a result retain their form longer than ice cubes. Indeed, when compared to regular ice cubes, round balls hold the temperature for extended periods.

The Glacio ball does not melt quickly or water down drinks, this comes as relieve for hasty consumption of cocktail before the ice melts down.

What you get with the molds is a relaxed feeling; one cube is enough for a drink.

You will enjoy your drinks, knowing that it features a non-toxic BPA free silicone design, which is certified safe. The molds are made of a smooth material that allows users to push out ice balls from the molds quickly.  The sphere ice molds measure 2.5 inches and weigh 2.1lbs.

By far the most exciting thing about making crystal sphere balls with the unit is you don’t need any fancy process to get it done.

Just use water from the tap, and that’s as simple as it gets. Talking about downsides, our only turnoff was the fact that two molds. Aside from that, it is our top option, and a must buy if you want the most transparent globed ice.

Chillz Extreme Ice Ball Molds

Not only is the chillz extreme ice ball affordable but it comes in two models; the first one which is cheaper has 2 ice molds while the second has 4 black molds. They are better at retaining ice for more extended periods, slow-melting times, 2.5 inch large balls is a game-changer.

Quality-wise, the unit has a silicone tray that boasts of premium quality, BPA free, and FDA approved. The ice maker is also leak-resistant, and the material is provided for easy use while it’s also durable.

After use, you can toss it in your dishwasher, yes, it’s dishwasher safe.

The companies also promise a risk-free purchase; the chillz extreme has a lifetime guarantee. If there are manufacturer defects, contact the customer service to get your problems solved.

The balls can fit into a whiskey, hurricane, or wine glasses. The unit seals properly and does not spill as it freezes, you won’t get a pool when it’s running.

To get started with, it comes with a manual to show you the best way to get crystal globed ice and how to maintain the unit.

Overall, chillz extreme ice ball is the most cost-efficient on our list. However, it does have a downside – the mold surface is a bit hard, and ice does not pop out easily.

Coming to the rescue, a user said he runs the molds under warm tap water for about a minute, and the ice comes off without hassle.

Unique Ice Ball Maker Sphere Mold – 4 Pack

This is one of the most rated ice makers online. The massive number of reviews speaks for itself. It is slighter smaller than all the aforementioned products as it measures 1.78 inches. But make no mistake, it’s one of the best on the list.

Just like the Glacio sphere ice duo, it makes crystal ball ice for your whiskey, highball, cocktail and hurricane glasses. You can even mix ice with water to give it the desired flavor.

Made of silicone mold, it’s durable, BPA free and FDA approved. The ice maker tray is strong and provides for easy use. You will also find washing the mold a breeze, thanks to the ergonomic build.

It can produce up to 4 molds of 2.5-inch ice balls. To make them, fill up the molds with water and store it in a freezer and wait for it to turn into ice.

Dubbed by the manufacture, innovative wings, a fancy word for the handle enables effortless removal of perfectly globed ice balls.

On the downside, many users have reported a rubber taste; however, a quick wash with warm soapy water will banish the smell. It is important you don’t leave any space at the top for air to get inside, ruining your round shaped ice.

Overall, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so buying the unique ice ball maker is a no brainer for the price.

For less than $20, you are assured of a quality ice maker that will last many years of use.

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds

The tovolo sphere ice mold is a good ice mold that produces large spherical ice spalls melt slower than traditional ice cubes.

As a result, preserve the taste of your drink and keep your drinks cool for long periods.  Tovolo is your answer for serving drinks during the summertime.

You can feel confident dropping the non-toxic ball in your scotch as it is made of BPA-free materials. The unit provides different sets of molds, giving users the option to choose the ideal type for their needs.

The molds come out quickly, thanks to the materials used you can pop out the ice in a perfect spherical shape. These ice balls measure 2.5 inches and are ideal for both small and large cocktail cups.

Overall, the tovolo could have been perfect had it not been for its weak material construction. Aside that, it makes slow-melting ice cubes that will not water down your scotch.

Big Chillers Large Ice Cube Trays

The big chillers feature a square mold and large ice ball sphere mold. Whichever shape your guests want, you can make the perfect square or ball ice. From each mold, you can make 4 large ice balls or 6 squared ice cubes.

This unit comes with a stylish design.  It also integrates a smooth material in the mold that allows the perfect formation of spherical cubes you have seen mixologist conjure up.  They naturally resist quick melting, and they are FDA approved.

These non-toxic balls are 100% Eco-friendly, stain, and odor resistant. Even when it does get dirty, a simple wash is all it needs to get back to tip-top shape.

If you want to enjoy cold drinks in the summer without fast-melting ice, this product is just a no brainer. Yes, it’s cheap and performs efficiently to satisfy users.


Whiskey molds provide a great way to enjoy cold drinks for a longer period. They are cheap, and it’s not rocket science to fill up the mold with water and let it freeze to a crystal ball.

As you could see, we’ve curated only the best ice ball makers that can be utilized not only for whiskey, but for fruit juice, scotch, cocktail, etc.

To find the best whiskey ice molds, make sure you chose the unit that will satisfy your needs. Already we’ve done the hard part of choosing slow-melting molds that do not water down drinks, all you need to do is select a product and you are assured of premium quality.

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