Let’s face it:

In many ways, a cooler is the most important organizational tool to store food, drinks, and beverages while they remain ice cold.

But what happens when you are on a personal trip, or maybe taking a day out. You’ll agree that carrying a regular cooler might be a bother, especially when you don’t need to pack too many supplies.

Imagine a scenario where you’d be compelled to carry five cans and some food in a large cooler, just because there’s no portable gear to pack them.

Awkward right?

Why not carry something that’s simple, convenient and keeps your stuff cold.

The solution? Insulated Cooler bags.

Best Cooler Bags – Our Top Insulated Cooler Bags

Product NameSize/CapacityPrice
Yeti Hopper CoolerFlip 8 - Flip 18 Check Price
Mier 18L Cooler20 Pack Check Price
Igloo Marine Ultra Square Cooler24 Pack - 36 Pack Check Price
Coleman Soft Cooler16 Pack Check Price
Engel USA cooler bag backpack24 Pack Check Price
eBags Crew Cooler II 24 Pack Check Price
NorChill Voyager Series 12 Pack - 48 Pack Check Price
AO Canvas Coolers12 Pack - 48 Pack Check Price
CleverMade SnapBasket 50 Pack Check Price
Arctic Zone Eco Blend 45 Pack Check Price

The best bag coolers are water-resistant, leak and sweat proof, adjustable straps, high insulation performance and organized interior compartment.

Most importantly, quality is something that you should absolutely look for when buying the best ice chest bags. In this review, we are going to take a look at the best products to help you pick the best options out there.

Without further ado:

Yeti Hopper Cooler – Best Cooler Bag By Popular Demand

Go to the beach, and you’ll see flashes of the Yeti hopper. Basically, Yeti hopper is the Ferrari of cooler bags and by mere looking at it, you can’t help but love this cooler.

Build with a unique Dryhide shell; the manufactures boasts of its resistance to mildew, punctures, and abrasions. Typical of a Yeti cooler, the hopper is constructed with premium materials, the result is a sleek and sturdy body.

The hopper comes in different sizes of flip 8, 12, 18. One of the best parts is the coldcell insulation; a unique cell foam utilized to hold ice longer than regular soft coolers. Also, the flip 18 can hold up to 16 cans and ice.

Hydrolock zippers give the cooler an airtight closure; nothing goes in or out through this zippers, not even the sand on the beach.

For ease when carrying, it includes a double-stitched shoulder strap and reinforced handles. To be sincere, the hopper could have been perfect if not for obvious flaws like the zipper; some users complained of its hardness when zipping and unzipping.

Another turn off which takes center stage is the price. Yes, this product is expensive, and some users in the comments can’t help but ask if Yeti products are worth the price?

Well, if you ask me I’ll say it depends on what you want and how you want it. If some people can love iOS and some Android, the decision is all yours to make.

Aesthetically beautiful
Great build
Impressive insulation performance

Very Expensive
Zippers might get faulty to zip/unzip after continuous use

Mier 18L Cooler Bag

Mier cooler holds almost anything. Thanks to the multiple compartments, you’ll never complain about running out of space to store items.

It has two dedicated sections to cold and warm items. On the front, a spacious compartment is great to keep your accessories and valuables safe. Great for picnics and camping, the mier bag has a square room at the bottom to carry food. Also available are adjustable shoulder straps and soft padded handles straps for comfort when carrying.

One thing we liked is the interior. Spilled drinks and food can be wiped clean with a swipe, thanks to the PEVA lining.

To be honest, there’s nothing that doesn’t sit right with this cooler, doing so would be nitpicking.

All in all, the Mier is one of the best ice chest bags on the list, and the cheap price tag is something you can’t take away from it. Definitely, worth checking out.

Multiple compartments
Easy to clean


Igloo Marine Ultra Square Coolers

Igloo is a company to be reckoned with in the ice chest industry. Yes, it one of Yeti competitors that’s poised to give it a run for its money. Today, we are looking at a 24 can capacity bag that’s perfect for your next trip.

This igloo cooler bag has room for everything; foods, drinks, snacks, accessories, etc.

The main highlight of the cooler is its tough body, designed to stand harsh conditions; it’ll be perfect for boats. With that said, the ultra thick insulation is included to help keep your stuff cold.

You no longer have to care about tough stains, cause the interior lining is easy to clean. Also Leak resistant, users wouldn’t be faced sweating even in extreme temperatures. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, padded to provide maximum comfort.

On the downside, the hand strap and shoulder strap aren’t stitched properly and can come off easily. with that out of the way, the igloo bag chest is one of the best in the market, and you can see the reason why.

Leak & corrosive resistant
Easy to clean interior
Multiple compartments

Shoulder strap might come off after a short period of use

Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler

If you need a bag to carry that can carry just enough for a small picnic or a day at the beach, this Coleman cooler is an affordable option. Well, yes it’s ideal for you. The cooler comes in green, blue, grey, read, and real tree AP. Adjustable padded shoulder strap for convenient carrying.

The capacity can hold 16 cans, while the interior is built with flexible PEVA lining, which is popularly known to resist odor and easy to clean.

If you are out for an ice chest bag with lots of compartments, your lucky day, cause the Coleman includes a zippered pocket, side pockets, and a mesh pocket in the lid to store valuables.

The hard plastic liner is used to prevent food from being crushed when kept with drinks.

Different color variety
High insulation performance
The cooler bag can hold up to 16 cans plus ice
It comes with different compartments for storing accessories

Many users received the cooler in bad shape – Check in with the Manufacturer or shipping.

Engel USA cooler bag backpack

The Engel is a 23-quart soft-sided cooler, giving you multiple compartments, and with 24 cans capacity, you can pack enough drinks to a small gathering. In addition to the capacity, the

Engel comes with a main interior compartment that’s attached to a foam to retain ice for extended periods. The interior material is easy to clean, while it’s also resistant to wears.
Oh, and if you prefer insulated cooler bags with side pocket, the Engel is equipped with a zippered side pocket.

It combines two heavy-duty zippers are used to protect the main compartment from water and grime.
Overall, the Engel bag backpack is a great cooler that’s respectable enough on all fronts.

Easy to clean interior
High insulation performance

Quite pricey
Poor zipper quality

eBags Crew Cooler II – Best Beer Cooler Bag

If you need just a simple cooler design, with a rectangular base to store your lunch and snacks, ebags crew is what you want.

What you get is the main interior compartment, which is insulated on all sides to keep your items cold. Furthermore, it includes a top dry compartment, zippered pocket in the lid, and a front tip-out pocket, useful for keeping accessories.

The ebags crew cooler also comes with a replaceable PEVA liner which is resistant to odors, while cleaning the interior is a breeze. The ebags features large and small water bottle pockets on both sides.

With multiple carrying options, you can choose between the adjustable shoulder strap or handles. Aesthetically, there’s no doubt about the bag’s beauty; you can also choose from seven colors of your choice; Blue yonder, brushed indigo, Eggplant, Emerald, Green Envy and much more.

Comfortable shoulder strap & padded handles
Rectangular based design to keep lunch and other food
It comes in variety of eye-catching colors

Doesn’t hold ice for long

NorChill Voyager Series 48 Can Soft Cooler

Norchill voyager cooler is yet another great cooler. Getting a 48 cans capacity, along with Duel-Temp insulation & leak-proof liner will keep your food, drinks, and beverages ice cold for hours.

The manufacturers went a step to boasts about its Gator skin liner interior, which is resistant to punctures and abrasion. The Norchill has one interior space and a front zippered pocket.

The shoulder strap is padded with soft materials, making it easy to carry for hours without hassle.

Roomy interior compartment
Heavy duty zippers
Hold ice for hours


AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler

The AO cooler is a soft-sided cooler with average insulation performance. Sure, it’s suitable for picnics extreme temperatures can melt down the ice. However, the leak-proof liner does a decent job in holding ice.

This cooler is compatible with any outdoor activity, a friend of mine use the Ao cooler on a golf course to keep all his items ice-cold. The bag comes with an interior space and a side pocket to store all your valuables.

The best part is the removable shoulder straps, which can be substituted with any shoulder strap that suits your style.

Finally, in various size capacity; 12-pack, 24-pack, 36-pack, and 48-pack. Whatever outdoor activity it is, occasion or event, the AO fits the bill.

Leak-proof liner
It comes with a large main interior
Convenient shoulder strap

Weak stitching in the handles
Fragile zippers

CleverMade SnapBasket 50 Can

The clevermade cooler combines a bit of polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, MDF and ABS to give users a durable bag that can stand any abuse. It comes with a two-way comfortable carrying handle.

The interior is certified leak proof, stuff in all your drinks plus ice and you won’t find signs of sweat on it. When you aren’t using the bag, you can collapse into a smaller size and store it away. Yes, it has a 50 cans capacity plus, which means users get to carry a lot of drinks.

When it comes to performance, the clevermade collapsible bag can retain ice, thanks to the interior rip-stop fabric and insulated materials. Additionally, the interior compartment is designed with a flop-free system, enhancing an effortless cleaning.

Insulated interior
Decent insulation performance
It comes with Comfortable padded shoulder strap and handles

Not too strong zippers

Arctic Zone Eco Blend 45 -Best Budget Cooler Bag

Last but not the least on here is the Artic zone Eco blend cooler. Looking closely, it looks like a grocery bag; however, it offers more.

With a 45 can capacity, easy to clean interior, leak-proof lining, and affordable price tag, you can eat your cake and have it with this cooler. More so, it includes a thick insulation material and the therma-flect radiant barrier which helps reflect sun rays.

Of course, the artic zone is spacious enough to fit in extra items, but the absence of a zippered pocket is an obvious flaw. Aside from that, the artic zone is one of the best-insulated coolers on the list. You’ll have to test and see that for yourself.

Extremely Affordable
Roomy space
Decent insulation performance

It does not feature any external pocket
Flimsy handles

Insulated Cooler Bags: Important Things You must Know Before Buying

When shopping for cooler bags, there are some key points to consider: capacity and features. In this guide, we’ll show you some tips on how to pick the right one for you.


Okay, you should ask yourself this:

What size do I need?

Get a cooler that’s too big, and you’ll have to fill it up with junks you don’t need while you’ll end up feeling tired. Too small, and you might not be able to carry all you need.

The capacity and need should go hand in hand. This factor is not subjective, considering that your needs should coincide with what you are carrying.

Cooler bags capacity are measured with can storage space. This means the number of cans which would fit in a bag should tell you how fitting it is for you.

Tip: We recommend ice packs for cooler bags as they don’t sweat.

Features to look out for:

Some features to look out for, although not compulsory, it will sure help you choose the best cooler bag for your gears.

Extra compartments & Pocket

If you are the type that loves carrying accessories like sun shades, keys, and even your smartphone. You’ll admit it’s a wrong idea to mix accessories with food.

Cooler bags with extra compartment and pockets will create a space for you to store your valuables.

Insulated interior – Yes, the bag should have quality liners to provide leak-proof functionalities and thus increases the ice retention performance.

What makes a bag a cooler?

It’s ability to keep things cold, longer than regular soft coolers.

Get a cooler bag with good interior insulation and leak-proof liners. This combination will keep out heat while the cold stay in.

Conclusion – Final Words

As i’ve mentioned earlier – a soft cooler provides portability, if you need a cooler for picnic, a day at the beach, or a small hangout that wouldn’t require many supplies, cooler bags are the perfect options you’ll only need. With so many options, pick one and paw, you’ve found the best cooler bag.

For more check out reviews on our best coolers list, you’ll sure find a product that fits your specifications.

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