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So that you don’t fall into the hands of poor manufacturing, ergonomics, and design-related elements, we have looked for just the best camping coolers there are for 2018 and brought them all to you.

By the end of this list, you won’t be leaving with just the knowledge of the right cooler to buy but an understanding of every other thing you need to know before committing to a single option.

You don’t need to take our word for it. How about we check out what we have for the day?

Best Camping Coolers on Today’s Market

BISON Durable Outdoor Camping Cooler

The BISON Durable Outdoor Camping Cooler is one that you can use to keep your foods fresher and ensure the coldness of your drinks.

You will notice the cooler’s thick, pressure-injected walls that have been put in place to act as an insulating material to the outside.

The top of the cooler then features a tight-fitting lid with an integrated ruler. For those that will be packing drinks, you will find the included drain plug necessary for getting thawed ice out of the cooler.

With a carrying capacity of 25 quartz, the cooler still manages to feature a handrail system for easy carrying and lock-down.


  • Carries a drain plug
  • Lid is tightly-fitting
  • Extra insulated walls
  • Handrail for moving and locking down
  • Rubber cantilever latch system


  • Doesn’t come with wheels for smooth movement

Igloo Super Tough STX Cooler

The first thing we loved about this Igloo Super Tough STX Cooler is the massive size it has. At size options up to 150 quartz, the vessel is best suited for happy campers that are going on an outdoor adventure with a large volume of participants.

The cooler is poised to hold ice for up to seven days at about 90F, all thanks to the fully-formed lid on top.

The dual stainless-steel latches on top of the cooler continue to the temperature management scheme within it. Having a total of four cup holders, it is perfect for holding nearly all types of food items.

Complete with UV inhibitors against the rays of sunlight, this is the ideal options for campers going out for several days at a time.


  • Large sizes for holding more content
  • Can retain temperatures for longer times
  • Secure latch on top with a meter rule
  • UV Rays inhibitors


  • Not suitable for small camping trips
  • No wheels for easy movement

YETI Tundra 35 Cooler

If you are looking for a single cooler that gives you multiple options, this YETI Tundra 35 Cooler does so in bringing a total of five colors on board for interested customers.

The unit has been made comfortable enough for one person to haul. That does nothing to impede its carrying capacity though since the cooler will take as much as 20 cans at once.

The 3-inch insulation wall approach taken to the cooler makes sure your ice stays as it is even after multiple days of single use.

To round it all off, a rotomolded design supplies external armor to the cooler such that it is almost indestructible. If you ask us, that is just the kind of assurance you need when taking your cooler on a camping exercise. There’s no doubt, the Yeti 35 is one of the best camping coolers.


  • Has different color options
  • Rotomolded design keeps the cooler almost indestructible
  • Takes as much as 20 cans at once
  • 3-inch insulation


  • Might not be suitable for large camps

Coleman 62 qt. Xtreme Cooler

Even if we didn’t get this Coleman 62 qt. Xtreme Cooler in four color options, we would still love the aesthetic feel and appeal that this unit brings.

The naming system has already given off how much of substance the cooler can take at once. It can store ice for up to five days before the bars start to drop in their efficiency.

There are four beverage holders on top, but that does not take a candle to the fact that this same cooler will hold as much as 85 beverage cans at once, even while ice is included.

At the end of the cooler is a wheel system to make for smooth movement of the massive cooler from place to place. What more is there to ask?


  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Holds up to 85 cans
  • Keeps ice solid for up to five days
  • Five color options to choose from
  • Four beverage put holders


  • No drain plugs
  • Handles not strong enough when in full capacity

FAV Nomad 25 Qt. Waterproof Cooler

With the tag of a nomad slapped on it, one can be sure that this FAV Nomad 25 Qt. Waterproof Cooler is one of such coolers that was made for moving around.

The rotomolded design in the construction ensures the cooler is almost indestructible, making it nearly hard to get it damaged when it is out in the wild.
When stocked with ice, the unit can still hold no less than 20 cans of drinks.

On each side of the cooler are bottle openers for convenience. The top lid has a system of self-stopping hinges married with integrated fish rulers.

No matter where you are going with the cooler, you will find a color matching of the outdoor locations of such a place. For better travel, the bottom has been equipped with anti-skid rubber feet.


  • Anti-skid feet
  • Self-stopping hinges on the feet
  • Fish rulers for measuring fish properly
  • Various colour options for different outdoor needs
  • Holds up to 20 cans of drinks


  • No wheels
  • 25 quarts might be small for bigger camping events

Vibe Kayaks Element Rotomolded Hard Cooler

Just one look at the Vibe Kayaks Element Rotomolded Hard Cooler and you will know this one was developed for the extreme conditions. That only tells half the story though. Yes, it’s deserving to be on our top camping coolers.

The cooler was made in a one-piece design that ensures compactness. The rotomolded system is also there to ensure durability and strength.

Insulated walls of up to 3 inches are there to keep your heat in or out as the case may be. That is more reason why your foods will be kept fresher and drinks maintained at the desired cold temperature for longer.

Based on a half drink and ice ratio, the 20-quart model of this cooler will hold no less than 16 cans at once. With an integrated pressure release button, a drain plugs and non-skid rubber feet, the cooler was designed with your convenience in mind.


  • Insulated wall of up to 3 inches
  • Anti-skid rubber feet to keep your cooler off hot surfaces
  • Rotomolded design ensures durability
  • Pressure-release button
  • Drain plug to let out watery components
  • Durable and robust for extreme conditions


  • No wheels for easy movement
  • The Capacity is not so large

Wacces Multipurpose Backpack with Cooler

Looking for a way to spice up your camping trip even more? You might have to look no further than this Wacces Multipurpose Backpack with Cooler. With every single unit you get for each member of the camp, they will also be getting a relaxation spot that has their bar fitted with only drinks and food items they like. Yes, it is that unique.
The unit is easy to carry since it comes in the form of a backpack, efficiently reducing the stress from having to deal with a handheld. Inside the bag, a stitched foil lining helps maintain the job of a cooler while not adding unnecessary bulk to the package. Followed by a high-quality frame construction, know that the bag can always hold as much as 250kgs at once.


  • Suitable for individual campers
  • Provides a sitting area
  • Backpack inclusion makes it easy to carry
  • Can hold as much as 250kgs


  • Singly not suitable for large camps

Lifetime 55 Qt. High-Performance Cooler

If you are not looking for a heavy-duty cooler that is as functional as it seems, you should probably not consider the Lifetime 55 Qt. High-Performance Cooler at all. The cooler promises a 7-day ice retention promise which is as high as it can get.

That is not entirely out of place though given the cooler was manufactured with heavy-duty polyethylene to not only make it sturdy but keep the temperature held for longer times.

There are two rubber latches on the front to secure the lid to the body, further helping your cooling or heating needs. Whichever it is, you still get access to an easy drain plug should you want to expel some liquid.

The exciting thing is that you don’t have to worry about forgetting the bottle opener at home anymore since this unit comes with two inbuilt solutions.


  • 7-day ice retention
  • Constructed with sturdy polythene material
  • Rubber latches for securing the lid
  • Sturdy handle for movement and carriage
  • Drain plug to expel water
  • Bottle openers on either side


  • Some designs don’t have airtight lids

TOURIT Insulated Backpack Cooler

This TOURIT Insulated Backpack Cooler is yet another option for an individual camper or a group of campers that want to pack individual needs in their coolers. As the name implies, the cooler has shoulder straps with pads that make it easy to carry around without interfering with any other process of camping.

Made available in five colors, the backpack cooler comes with the same 3-layer level of insulation that can be found on most general coolers.

Touted to be 100% leak-proof and waterproof, you don’t need to worry about your backpack getting soggy when it comes in contact with water. Perhaps the more interesting thing to note is the tough back to make sure your bag holds its own against hazardous elements.
Did we mention the capacity of the bag?

If we haven’t, think about how much you can do with a pace that allows you pack up to 39 cans.


  • Shoulder straps are padded
  • The tough back makes the unit durable
  • Can pack up to 39 cans
  • Five colors to choose from
  • 100% leak and waterproof
  • Detachable shoulder straps
  • 3-layer level of insulation


  • Zipping and unzipping can be challenging

What to Consider Before Buying A Camping Cooler

Before you put the money down on that cooler, here are some things you should really put in mind first.


Size is the first thing we usually advise any buyer to consider when they are choosing their cooler. There are two sides to this size coin though. While larger coolers will usually look cool, you should consider the type of camping you are going for.

Some coolers are so large, they inhibit you on the type of adventure you are going on. However, you always have to consider the size of the camping company so that you don’t leave anyone out.

If a single large cooler will be needed for the entire size of the camp but it would also pose a space issue, why not buy two or more smaller ones instead to take care of the job?


You are going camping, and so is your cooler. As you are preparing to weather the elements of nature that can be found out there, are you considering a cooler that can do the same too? I

f you will be going to rocky areas, climbing hills or such geographical areas, it will be in your best interest to move for a very rugged piece of cooling unit.


If you really want to make a good investment of your cooler, the construction should be of great importance to you. When you have sited the cooler that catches your fancy, knock on the exterior.

If it sounds hollow, that is not the cooler for you. You will also want to remove and replace the lid as much as makes you comfortable. That way, you can check to see if it is properly insulated to prevent heat loss/ heat gain – as the case may be.

Combining all of the above qualities and more, we have come up with some of the solid options on today’s market

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