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There is no doubt;

Yeti has taken center stage as far as coolers are concerned. Founded by two brothers Roy and Ryan Seiders in 2006, the company has swooped the outdoor recreational world by storm.

More like a cult following, Yeti is coveted by many, however, the hefty price is a turnoff for some.

The price is so high that it has caused a debate whether or not Yeti coolers are worth the price?

As you may know, there’s no perfect product. For this reason, the quest to find best cooler alternatives comes to play.

Fortunately for you, we’ll be looking at the top affordable Yeti competitors that are giving Yeti a run for its money.

Coolers Like Yeti But Cheaper – Top options

RTIC Hard Cooler, 20 qt, White, Ice Chest with Heavy Duty Rubber Latches, 3 Inch Insulated Walls
Orca Hard Sided Classic Cooler White 58 Quart
Pelican ProGear Cooler 45QT Tan Cooler
Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler (White, 50-Quart)
Engel ENG65 High Performance Cooler - Haze Gray
Grizzly 60 Cooler, Sandstone, G60, 60 QT
RTIC Hard Cooler, 20 qt, White, Ice Chest with Heavy Duty Rubber Latches, 3 Inch Insulated Walls
Orca Hard Sided Classic Cooler White 58 Quart
Pelican ProGear Cooler 45QT Tan Cooler
Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler (White, 50-Quart)
Engel ENG65 High Performance Cooler - Haze Gray
Grizzly 60 Cooler, Sandstone, G60, 60 QT
User Rating
RTIC Hard Cooler, 20 qt, White, Ice Chest with Heavy Duty Rubber Latches, 3 Inch Insulated Walls
RTIC Hard Cooler, 20 qt, White, Ice Chest with Heavy Duty Rubber Latches, 3 Inch Insulated Walls
User Rating
Orca Hard Sided Classic Cooler White 58 Quart
Orca Hard Sided Classic Cooler White 58 Quart
User Rating
Pelican ProGear Cooler 45QT Tan Cooler
Pelican ProGear Cooler 45QT Tan Cooler
User Rating
Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler (White, 50-Quart)
Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler (White, 50-Quart)
User Rating
Engel ENG65 High Performance Cooler - Haze Gray
Engel ENG65 High Performance Cooler - Haze Gray
User Rating
Grizzly 60 Cooler, Sandstone, G60, 60 QT
Grizzly 60 Cooler, Sandstone, G60, 60 QT
User Rating

ORCA, RTIC, igloo, coolers are traditionally viewed as Yeti’s rivals. As forward-thinking manufacturers of high-end coolers, it’s easy to make comparisons between these companies.

Yeti is getting increased competition from its rivals, however, the edge their competition hold is the affordable price tag.

Without wasting much of your time let’s have a quick rundown of Yeti Alternatives.

RTIC Coolers

RTIC Hard Cooler, 20 qt, White, Ice Chest with Heavy Duty Rubber Latches, 3 Inch Insulated Walls
  • BEST COOLER ON THE MARKET: Up for any occasion, the RTIC 20 will be the star of the show at any barbecue, fishing trip or campout. Roto-molded construction with heavy duty T-latches and a freezer grade gasket will store all your necessities with ease.
  • INSULATION THAT DOESN'T QUIT: Going on a long trip? No problem. Up to 3" of insulated walls will keep your ice cold for days.
  • THE BEST OF THE BEST: No fail hinges, no sweat exterior, cool lift design, molded side handles and tie downs so your cooler is always where it needs to be.
  • OVERBUILT, NOT OVERPRICED: At RTIC we don’t see the reason for making products that our customers can't afford. That's why our products are the HIGHEST QUALITY for the LOWEST PRICE.
  • OUR RTIC PROMISE: If you have an issue with your product, let us know and we will make it right.

In a sentence where Yeti is mentioned, the next thing you should expect is RTIC – vice versa.

Rtic boasts of its coolers going half the price and retains more ice than its competition, YETI. Although the claim might seem a bit outrageous, there’s no doubt, Rtic produces top-tier coolers that’s half the price Yeti cost.

When yeti prices soared high, Rtic, came to the rescue with affordable Yeti knockoffs. The strategy made RTIC gain about a million followers on Facebook in less than a year.

The company lost a lawsuit to yeti, forced to discontinue the Yeti look-alike products. Despite the set-back, RTIC have started the production of new products.

RTIC produces a fantastic line of coolers: Roto-molded coolers & Soft-sided coolers as well. The coolers feature sleek designs. If you’ve used an RTIC product, you’ll agree that they have a stylish look which is aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, their roto-molded coolers are incredibly strong and certified grizzly resistant. Also, the company put a lot of attention to detail when designing the soft coolers, as they retain ice longer than most hard-sided ice chests.


  • This cooler is made with rotomolded construction, a freezer-grade gasket, and heavy-duty T-latches for easy storage of all your necessities.
  • It has up to three insulated walls that will keep your ice cold for several days.
  • It has a no-sweat exterior, no-fail hinges, and a cool lift design, along with molded side handles to ensure the best usability.
  • This cooler is of supreme quality that you can get at an affordable price.


  • The warranty may not be for a prolonged period.


In short, RTIC is perfect for users that want a cheaper yeti model with great ice retention and overall strength. The phrase “you get what you pay for” fits RTIC ice chest best.

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ORCA Coolers

I would suggest that after RTIC, the next competitor to Yeti is – ORCA.

The fact that they are produced in America gives ORCA an edge over its competition. When it comes to ice retention, most users and tests have proven Orca to be superior to Yeti.

With almost identical design as Yeti, ORCA too, has a rugged build which can withstand abuse.

People of style will love this; it also comes in different colors, choose the type that suits you best.

For diverse needs and functions, it comes in different sizes and builds. Some of our best selections are; 20, 40, 58, 75 and 140 Quarts. ORCA also produces a line of hard-sided (Hard Coolers) and soft-sided coolers.


  • It is superior to other brands like YETI in terms of ice retention, as proven by users and tests.
  • It has a rugged, robust design that can withstand any hard surface or abuse.
  • This cooler comes in a wide range of colors that can fit your style needs.
  • It is comparatively less costly than YETI coolers.


  • The shipment charges may be overpriced.


Finally, I’d like to reiterate that ORCA coolers are near perfect alternatives to Yeti, considering they cost less too. Customers to their product line would tell you amazing it is – we can see why.

DEWALT 10 Qt Roto Molded Lunch Box Cooler

DEWALT 10 Qt Roto Molded Cooler DEWALT Yellow

  • Tough roto mold design
  • Easy to open lid latches
  • Heavy-duty metal handle
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Space efficient inner lid design

The DEWALT 10 quart Lunch Box cooler is the ideal thing to carry your lunch to the workplace. This cooler is best for keeping your food and beverages cold for several days. It makes the perfect choice for backyard barbeques, sporting events, campgrounds, or whatever adventure you plan. The cooler is made with a tough roto mold design, which makes it nearly indestructible as it can withstand any temperature change or treatment. Its robust exterior construction design lessens the stress usually put on a cooler during regular use. Also, you’ll enjoy superior ice retention as the cooler has a reinforced pressure-injected insulation cover that also ensures temperature optimization even under great heat around the cooler.


  • It has a removable heavy-duty metal handle that ensures convenient transporting and handling.
  • It holds two cans on the outside with a matte finish lid, and the lid gasket seals the cold inside.
  • The cooler comes with non-slip rubber feet to keep the cooler in its place while using.
  • Its tough roto mold design can withstand any temperature and wear and tear.


  • We haven’t found any significant drawbacks of this product yet.


If you are looking for coolers like yeti but cheaper, you can’t go wrong about a product that has it all; ice retention, and rugged build.

Landworks Rotomolded Ice Cooler 20QT

Landworks Rotomolded Ice Cooler 20QT Up to 5 Day Ice Retention Commercial Grade Food Safe Dry Ice Compatible UV Protection 15mm Gasket Bottle Openers Low Profile Latches

  • UV protective shell insulated walls
  • TPE T-clasp latches
  • Dual built-in lock plate bottle openers
  • Lightweight, Portable
  • Dry ice compatible

We have reviewed the rotomolded 20qt ice cooler as something that exceeds the level of minimum standards of ice retention. This incredible product ensures ice retention for 3-5 days or longer. The cooler is dry ice compatible, food-grade safe, and has tough endurance to withstand any sort of destruction. This rotomolded cooler is ideal for commercial grade insulation as it has 3-inch thick insulated walls. We were stunned by its all-around UV protective shell. D-seal freezer style, zero-leak drain plug, lock in place steel handle with ergonomic grip, and molded tie-down slots. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the cooler’s TPE T-clasp latches as it ensures tight and lock flush and their non-skid feet for usability on any surface.


  • This cooler is made of a rotomolded construction design to ensure ice retention for several days.
  • It is dry ice compatible, food-grade safe, and ensures great endurance to withstand any wear and tear.
  • It has 3-inch thick insulated walls with all-around UV protective shells.
  • It ensures some ingenuitive design features such as dual Built-In lock-plate bottle openers, non-slip feet, TPE T-clasp latches, and more.


  • The product weight can be heavier than other coolers.


Simply put, the Yukon cold locker is one of the best coolers like Yeti and affordable that’s available on the market.

Engel Deep Blue Cooler

Engel ENG35 High Performance Cooler - Tan
  • "IGBC Certified Bear Resistant Container" - molded on rear lid of cooler
  • Up to 10 days Ice Retention
  • Dry ice compatible
  • Durable seamless rotationally-molded construction
  • First and original high performance cooler

Engel deep blue ice chest has received a lot of hype from hardcore cooler enthusiast. Praised for its high-quality build, long ice retention and affordable price, you’d be forced to think if this is a better alternative to Yeti.

Well, let’s take a proper look at it:

This cooler is strongly reinforced with the high insulation materials to retain ice. Thanks to the silicone air gasket between the lid and base, all the cold stays inside. In addition, the rotomolded body helps in extra insulation, but gives overall strength to the exterior. In regards to insulation, the Engel and Yeti are on the same level.

Tested to be bear resistant, the deep blue is something you’d like to carry on your next camping trip.

Further praise goes to the lightweight nature of the cooler, you’d guess the Engel deep to be heavy as a result of its rotomolded build, but no, it’s lighter than the ProGear. The latches are locks the lid tight which seals completely.

You can’t help but gush about the design of the Engel; we love how nicely it’s constructed. Yes, unlike some other rotomolded coolers, its design is incredibly impressive.


  • It is strongly reinforced with thick and high insulating materials to ensure the best ice retention.
  • This high-quality build cooler is renowned for its dry ice compatibility.
  • It is made with a durable and seamless rotary molded construction design.
  • This original high-performance cooler comes at an affordable price.


  • The customer service may not be satisfactory.


While this may not be the number one pick for some hardcore cooler enthusiasts, this chest has enough strength to last for a long time, while the ice retention is something you can brag to your Yeti friends.

Grizzly Cooler

Grizzly 60 Cooler, Lime, G60, 60 QT
  • Rotomolded: Our coolers are made from rotationally-molded LLDPE plastic and are designed to achieve even wall thicknesses for optimal durability.
  • Thermal Properties: All hard-sided coolers are pressure injected with up to two inches of Ecomate polyurethane foam for optimal cooling. This unique insulation has no global warming potential, no ozone depletion potential, and is made with no VOCs.
  • Lid Gasket: Our lids seal with a rubber gasket to keep cold air trapped extending the longevity of your ice.
  • Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) Certified: All Grizzly hardside coolers are IGBC Certified Bear-Resistant. Each hardside cooler also comes with two lock holes to keep your cooler secure and your contents safe.
  • Made in USA

Grizzly is yet another name to reckon with in the ice chest world. They have a large fan base, an indication that the products they offer are top notch.

Grizzly coolers have a hard cut design users like, it’s rotationally made and utilizes a double-walled polyethylene to keep your foods and drinks cold for days. As the name implies Grizzly, it’s engineered to be resistant to Grizzly bears. If you have a thing for ice chest produced in America, the Grizzly too, is manufactured in the states.

The rubber Bearclaw latching mechanism keeps it perfectly sealed. In terms of insulation, the Grizzly cooler doesn’t hold ice for long as much as YETI does. But you’ll find some sort of solace because it’s cheaper.

Molded-in handles provide ease and comfort especially when you are carrying alone.


  • It has a rubber gasket lid sealing system to ensure the longevity of the ice by keeping the cold air trapped.
  • This cooler is an interagency grizzly bear committee (IGBC) certified and ensures its bear-resistant property.
  • It is pressure injected with 2-inches of ecomate polyurethane foam for optimal cooling inside.
  • Its insulation ensures no potential for ozone depletion and global warming, making it an eco-friendly cooler.


  • We haven’t found any significant drawbacks of this product yet.


So is this cooler perfect? Well, aside from the fact that it doesn’t retain ice better than Yeti, there aren’t many bad things to write about the product. If you have the budget, and you are looking for a cheap yeti options, this one’s your best bet.

K2 Coolers

K2 Coolers Summit 50 Cooler, Duck Boat Green
  • One piece roto-molded polyethylene construction for extreme durability
  • Extra thick insulation for maximum ice retention
  • Premium features such as ICE vault lid gasket, POSITRAC latches
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Professional Grade - Engineered to make the outdoors great!

K2 coolers in recent years have produced high-end rotomolded coolers that can face the top to Yeti. Designed with quality materials, there’s something attractive about K2 products. They are nicely engineered to be beautiful. Yes, take a look at one, and you’ll admit to it.

But are K2 coolers only beautiful?

No, K2 chest have received favorable reviews in all ramifications like; aesthetic construction, ice retention, & price.

On paper, the K2 can hold ice for up to 10 days. However, reviews have proven that it doesn’t hold ice to that time in real life situation, the K2 keeps ice for a minimum of 6-8 days! More to it, the gasket seal between the lid and base is tight, nothing goes in or out.

The robust rotomolded body makes the body indestructible. It features rope handles with a rubber molded grip for ease and comfort when lugging. The drain plug system is incredible, it purges out water entirely without tilting.


  • This professional-grade cooler is engineered to make the outdoors incredible.
  • This high-end rotomolded cooler has up to a 7-years warranty.
  • It has an aesthetic construction design with extra-thick insulation to ensure optimal ice retention.
  • The cooler has some premium features like POSITRAC latches and ICE vault lid gasket.


  • It can be a bit costlier than other coolers of the same category.


So I’ll ask again, are K2 coolers only beautiful?

Of course not. K2 coolers are not only affordable than Yeti but offer the same if not more ice retention periods.

Canyon Cooler – Best Budget Rotomolded Cooler

Canyon Coolers Heavy Duty Outfitter 35 Quart Insulated Storage Cooler with Reliable Latches and Airtight Seal for Indoor or Outdoor Events, Sandstone
  • 35 Quarts - Max Can Capacity: 36 cans - Ice Retention: 6-18 Days
  • 100% Recessed Cam Latch, Integrated Bullet Proof Hinge, No-Lose Drain Plug, Locking Lid
  • Greatest Insulation to Volume Ratio in ANY Cooler Made Today
  • Brutally Tough PE RotoMolded cooler shell - IGBC Grizzly Resistant Bear Certification #3769

You wouldn’t see people talk much about canyon. However, the canyon is one of the best coolers on the list which retains ice for extended periods. This multi-purpose chest can is a master of different trades; tailgating, hunting, fishing, camping and much more.

For increased ice retention and strength, it utilizes a tough PE rotomolded shell. Also certified bear resistant by IGBC, you don’t have to fret animal impregnating the cooler. It includes slide skids, welded under the bottom; it’s easier to slide the cooler when it’s full.


We were surprised by the canyon’s ice retention. Overall, this is a good cooler like Yeti. One thing we loved about it was the lifetime guarantee. Broken? Take it to canyon for a quick fix!


  • This canyon cooler comes with an extremely tough PE rotomolded cooler shell.
  • It has IGBC Grizzly Resistant Bear Certification, and it ensures a lifetime warranty.
  • This incredible cooler ensures ice retention for up to 6-18 days.
  • It provides some premium features like an integrated bulletproof hinge, 1005 recessed cam latch, locking lid, and no-lose drain plug.


  • Its handle may not ensure an ergonomic grip.

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Siberian Cooler

Siberian Coolers Alpha Pro Series 65 Quart in Granite Roto Molded Includes Accessories
  • Heavy Duty Hard Anodized Aluminum Latches/Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Reversible E/Z Slide/Non Slip Rubber Feet / Free Shipping
  • Tie Down Strap Slots/Hidden Pad Lock Plates
  • Siberian Coolers Lifetime Warranty/IGBC Certified Bear Resistant #5137
  • Heavy Duty Wire Basket / Divider Cutting Board/Security Lock Bracket/Beverage Cup Holder

Looking for best coolers like Yeti but cheaper? Don’t go past the Siberian coolers.

It combines a thick wall of up to 2.75 inches of insulation, plus heavy duty materials to keep the cold in. Ruggedly built to survive through conditions, it’s certified bear resistant. Non-slip rubber feet means the cooler wouldn’t slide off the position its kept even when the road gets rough.

The Siberian cooler use a military grade latch system keeping the lid sealed. More so, the hinges are properly reinforced, as the lid doesn’t slam shut when opened.


  • It ensures stainless steel hinges along with heavy-duty anodized aluminum latches.
  • This cooler is IGBC certified bear-resistant, and it offers a lifetime warranty.
  • Its premium features include a beverage cup holder, security lock bracket, divider cutting board, and more.
  • Its non-slip rubber feet allow you to avoid the cooler from sliding off from rough surfaces.


  • It may be expensive for budget-friendly shoppers.


Although not as popular as the models here, the Siberian cooler manages to pull off a respectable performance in ice retention and strength. Topping it all off is the affordable tag. You’ll love the Siberian cooler!

Igloo Sportsman 55 Quart

Igloo Products Sportsman 5 Quart Cooler, White
  • Virtually indestructible rotational-molded construction minimum 2" insulating foam in lid and 15-20" foam in body
  • Heavy-duty "3-point grab" handle with comfort grip with durable, rubberized T-Grip lid latches
  • Lockable lid for maximum security - uses standard-size lock with a integrated fish ruler. Self-stopping integrated lid hinge opens and closes efficiently
  • Anti-skid feet on base keeps cooler from sliding and moving in truck or on the boat. Robust swing-up side handles provide easy, stable transport and fold flat for space-efficient storage
  • Oversized, tethered drain plug allows quick draining and easy cleaning

The igloo sportsman is a large cooler that provides enough storage space to store your food and drinks in one piece. It has 2inch insulating foam in the lid which seals perfectly and 15-20 foam in body for maximum ice retention. Also, the igloo is rotationally built.
The cooler manages to hold ice for 3-5 days, that’s considerably low than what we expected.

Fold out handles with rubber grips makes it easy to lug the cooler around. It also features an oversized drain plug, enhances quick purging of water without tilting the cooler.


  • It ensures easy cleaning and quick-draining with a tethered, oversized drain plug.
  • The anti-skid feet protect it from any getting slid away.
  • It comes with string swing-up side handles that can be folded flat for space-efficient storage while ensuring easy and stable transport.
  • Its standard size lockable lid ensures maximum security.


  • It may have some issues with the handle.


Some users have made complaints about the Igloo sportsman coming with deficiencies, to be specific, the handles. Aside from that, there’s nothing we think you should worry yourself about.

Finally, the igloo sportsman is durable and fits perfectly into the category of cheap coolers like yeti but affordable.

Icehole coolers

ICEHOLE EPIC 35 / M35 High Performance Cooler (Yellow)
  • Roto-Molded Construction
  • Bradley APC Latches
  • Leak-Proof Drainage
  • Ultra-Tough Non-Skid Feet
  • Custom One-Piece Seal

Here’s another great cooler like Yeti. If you have strong liking for products manufactured in USA, here’s one. In all fairness, the Icehole brand isn’t as popular compared to Yeti, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good – or slightly close.

It comes in multiple sizes of 35, 60 and 100 Quarts. Users that want a unique cooler will be pleased to find eight (8) colors to choose from; Coyote Tan, Tactical Green, Volt, Glacier white, Moab, UT orange and safety orange.

In terms of design, its rotomolded constructed rugged exterior, plus 2” of polyurethane foam keeps your drinks cold and food fresh. With robust latches and leak-proof spout for quick and complete water purge, the cooler can hold ice for up to 4 days.


  • This cooler comes with a rotomolded construction design for optimal ice retention.
  • It ensures a leak-proof drainage system for optimal convenience in usage.
  • It has robust latches and 2-inch of polyurethane foam to ensure ice retention for up to 6 days.
  • There are ultra-tough non-skid feet for holding the cooler and preventing it from skidding on any rough surface.


  • The supply of this product is not too heavy.


You won’t find lots of Icehole coolers on the beach, camping trips, or most outdoor activities. They are rare, due to their limited distribution-centers in Texas. But if you want something unique, you can directly order the cooler from their website.

I must admit that the Icehole insulation comes short of the Yeti’s. However, it does manage to give a decent performance. Definitely a worthy Yeti cheap alternative.

Nash Sub Z Cooler

Sub Z Rotomolded Cooler, Tan, 23 Quart
  • Rotationally molded, double wall, polyethylene construction - rugged
  • Specially formulated foam insulation core - keeps cold inside
  • Arctic Dome lid gasket - airtight Seal
  • Double locking lid with heavy-duty rubber latches
  • Lightweight design - 30% lighter than comparable coolers

The Nash sub z cooler is not the most beautiful cooler you’ll see around, but its functions can’t be understated.

With a cut rectangular shape, it’s made from rotomolded materials, and sure, it can take a whole lot of abuse and stand firm. In addition, foam core insulation of 1.5 is utilized for maximum insulation. Th Nash Sub Z includes the Artic dome gasket which provides a tightly sealed lid.

Stainless steel handles make it easy to carry the cooler on/off a car, while the non-skid feet prevent the cooler from sliding.


  • It comes with heavy-duty rubber latches and a double-locking lid to ensure maximum protection.
  • Its lightweight design ensures maximum portability and easy accessibility.
  • There’s specially formulated foam insulation core to keep everything cold inside.
  • It has a rugged design with rotationally molded, polyurethane, double-wall construction.


  • We haven’t found any significant drawbacks to this product yet.


At 35 Quart, this cooler limits the number of items you’d carry. Needless to say, this cooler is best for personal use.

Another great thing is the price, and you can get it for less than double of what you’d pay for to get a Yeti cooler of this size.
Considering the multiple features this cooler offers, I won’t be wrong to say: it’s a bang for your buck.

Kysek Coolers

KYSEK The Ultimate Ice Chest Extreme Cold Cooler, Camo Tan, 100 Liter
  • Maximizes frigid temperatures to keep your goods colder longer
  • Engineered using the latest cooling technology and cutting-edge features
  • Cutting board lid/ZeroSkid non slip feet
  • Lock point bottle openers/Heavy-duty easy grip handles
  • Heavy hauler inset wheels/ Drain plug with hose adapter

This growing cooler company is making a mark in the ice chest world. Although it’s almost been two years since its inception, Kysek coolers have left a mark of good things to expect from their products.

Let’s take review one of Kysek’s best-rotomolded cooler thus far:

The Kysek 50L Marine is rotationally made from tough materials to stand strong impacts. Further reinforced with a sturdy gasket which provides a tight seal between the base and lid, the cooler is built to hold ice for days.

One of the cool things is the non-slip feet and lock point bottle openers. Also available is a massive hauler inset wheels, which means you can roll the cooler on leveled surface. Rope handles with rubber grips are included for comfort when lifting/carrying.


  • This cooler allows you to maximize the temperature for keeping the goods colder for a prolonged period.
  • It is engineered using the latest cutting-edge features and cooling technology.
  • There are zero non-slip skid feet or a cutting board lid to avoid any skidding from uneven surfaces.
  • It comes with heavy-duty, easy-grip handles for convenient usage.


  • It is more expensive than other coolers.


Kysek coolers are still trying to establish a name for itself. Should you buy?

If you are looking for coolers like Yeti but cheaper, then you don’t have to search further. The overall performance on all fronts is respectable to earn it’s spot on the list.

Coleman Steel Belted 54 Quart Cooler

Coleman Cooler | Steel-Belted Cooler Keeps Ice Up to 4 Days | 54-Quart Cooler for Camping, BBQs, Tailgating & Outdoor Activities
  • High-capacity, heavy-duty cooler features a charming retro design
  • 54-Quart Capacity Accommodates Up to 85 Cans; Have-a-Seat Lid Supports Up to 250 Pounds
  • Keeps the Ice insulation offers 4-day ice retention in temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Built to deliver years of performance with rust-resistant stainless steel hardware
  • Comfort-grip steel handles allow for easy, controlled lifting and carrying

When growing up, Coleman was ruling the ice chest space. Now, every time I see one, a strike of nostalgia hits me. Although not certified as bear-proof, it features tough stainless steel exterior that’s capable of withstanding harsh conditions.

The interior gasket is engineered to ensure a tight seal, keeping the cold in while heat stays out. Also, it comes with Solid steel latch designed to provide a more airtight seal.

Talking about space, it can fit up to 85 cans of drinks, and there’s enough room for ice too.

A rust-proof drain plug is used for convenient drainage without the need to tilt the cooler. Comfort grip steel handles ensure your hands does not get tired when carrying the Coleman around.
One cool thing is the Have-A-seat lid which lets you sit and relax. You’ll enjoy seating on the flat top, especially on a fishing trip.


  • This heavy-duty, high-capacity cooler ensures an appealing retro design.
  • You can accommodate up to 85 cans with this 54-quart capacity cooler.
  • With temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it ensures ice retention with strong insulation for up to 4 days.
  • Its comfort-grip steel handles enable controlled and easy lifting and carrying.


  • It may not provide prolonged ice retention compared to what other coolers offer.


The cooler’s three (3) days ice retention means it’s bested by Yeti which can hold ice up to five days. However, you’ll find respite that the chest is way affordable. Consumers have also reported extended ice times using cooler ice packs.

If you want a sleek looking cooler that’s cheaper than Yeti, there’s no way to go than pick up the Coleman steel belted cooler.

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Are Yeti coolers the best?

Without a doubt, Yeti is the most popular cooler brand on the market.

However, being the best is entirely subjective. All we can say is it depends on what you want from the cooler. Some prefer Yeti cause it’s the trending cooler, although expensive, people still cough out crazy amounts to buy their products.

So if you think Yeti is the best cooler out there, fine, if you think it’s not, you are absolutely right too.

Coolers like Yeti But Cheaper – Conclusion

The thing is: there are a lot of cheap yeti alternatives on the market which can perform the same functions, if not better than Yeti itself.

Most fans have chosen RTIC coolers as the perfect substitute to Yeti. Most tests have proven the RTIC to retain ice longer.

Are These coolers better than Yeti?

Well, I’ll say it depends on what you like. Some people think they are, some don’t. After-all, what may suit you may not suit another. Right?

But If you don’t have the budget to spend Yeti coolers, our list will provide the perfect substitute for your needs. Contrary to the phrase “Yeti Knockoffs” All these coolers are produced by established top-tier cooler brands. Expect high insulation performance, sturdy build and affordability here.

Yes, compared to others, Yeti ice chests are expensive, but they are equally as strong, durable, holds ice, beautiful and people love their products.

For you to get a perfect cooler that can cater for your needs, read reviews and ask around from people that have used the product before you whip out your wallet to make a purchase.

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