Updated April 2019

Just ask anyone who has ever lugged a cooler on the beach or who’s struggled to carry a cooler filled with drinks, beverages and food on/off a boat.

Without those handy rolling wheels, they’d probably be stuck without so much as a desert.

The thing about transporting coolers is you never know how hard a terrain might be. If unfortunate, You might find yourself on a path that’s practically inconvenient to carry an ice chest over and around.

The solution is cooler on wheels. With it, your belongings will follow you everywhere like a trained puppy. What’s more? you don’t have to put in all that energy that would leave you trying to catch a breathe, when you should be washing down grilled meat with beer.

For our readers, we’ve got our hands dirty in finding wheeled coolers with sturdy wheels and top notch construction. Yes, there’s a buyer’s guide to help you choose the perfect model for your needs.

Best Coolers On Wheels Review – Our Top Picks

Product NameIce Retention Rating Price
Pelican Elite ProGear 5.0 Check Price
Igloo Maxcold Ultra Roller 4.0 Check Price
Coleman Xtreme 4.2 Check Price
Rubbermaid Extreme Cooler3.8 Check Price
Coleman Rugged 55 A/T Wheeled Cooler4.3 Check Price
Coleman Wheeled Soft Cooler4.0 Check Price
Igloo Glide PRO Cooler4.0 Check Price
TUNES2GO KoolMAX Cooler3.5 Check Price
K2 Summit 4.8 Check Price
Columbia Crater Peak 4.0 Check Price

Fortunately, there are a number of best wheeled coolers on the market which work just fine on the beach, boat, camping trips, and can be used for about any outdoor activity.

On our list, we’ve compiled the list of best performing wheeled ice chests that can stand any abuse and still go unscathed.

Pelican Elite ProGear Wheeled Cooler

The wheels and balance the Pelican Elite provides is equal to none. Built with robust materials, this model is tipped for years of use. Fitted with wide, sturdy wheels, it’s easy to maneuver any terrain.

One thing you will like is the efficiency to roll on any grounds without hitches.

It features an impressive press and pull latches, keeping the lid wholly sealed. More to it, the body is made of rotationally molded plastic that’s certified grizzly bear resistant. The result of all this is a rolling ice chest which would keep your drinks, food cold for extended periods.

If you fancy a boat chest, then you’d be happy to know it includes Molded-in tie down and integrated fish scale on the lid to measure your catch.

On the downside, many users complained of the bulkiness which inevitably makes it tough to roll. And yes, the price was a cause of bother for some.

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In short, no cooler on wheels can provide the robust strength and durability the pelican Elite offers.

Durable and sturdy wheels – Roll effortlessly on solid ground
The ice retention performance is one of the best
It has great build quality

Quite expensive
It’s heavy – Hard to roll on the beach

Igloo Maxcold Ultra Roller 40 QT Cooler

The next cooler is a top ice chest producing company. For those who don’t know, igloo is known for creating lots of high-end coolers that have become increasingly famous.

Igloo max ultra roller too is an affordable model on wheels that perform nothing less than top-rated ice chests.

This stylish icebox is made from polyethylene, providing extra insulation to the wall and lid for increased ice retention time.

With a 40Qt size, it means there’s enough room to store your drinks and food. If you need something you can squeeze or hide, then there’s a 30 Quart model that’ll be perfect.

On the best part, extra-long telescopic handles retract and pull out quickly, it has a comfortable grip. The tires feel tough to survive a rough bashing on the beach, while it can roll with ease on solid ground.

In all ramifications the performance is decent enough; however, some reviews noted some issues with the tires and weak parts.

Affordable and definitive looker
The wheels easily roll over sand
Large storage space
High insulation performance

The wheels might fall off after progressive use
The parts are weak – might break with strong impact

Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

If it’s a lot of storage space you want, then the 50-quart cooler would suffice your need. Really spacious, it has an 84 can capacity – expect to get enough space to fit in all your drinks and snacks inside.

There is great attention to detail here. This model is simple but smartly designed as it made of high-quality materials. It’s nicely carved out to catch the attention of everyone you pass.

Carrying this model is a breeze, thanks to side handles. It also has long; telescoping handle makes it possible to roll the ice chest on different grounds.

With that said, the wheels are rugged and can hold out any bashing, while it’s also effortless to roll. The insulation performance was respectable on all fronts; the lid shuts tight, and latches are incredibly secure. It even has a Have-A-sit lid that you can rest on. Undoubtedly, this wheelie is a top pick for tailgating, camping and beach events.

I wish I could say the Coleman wheeled ice chest is perfect but complaints of the weak handles show its imperfect afterall.


The cooler surprisingly holds ice for long periods
Rugged tires – Easily rolls over various grounds
It comes with long telescoping handles
The 50quart space is big enough to fit in all your drinks and food

The handles are weak

Rubbermaid Extreme Ice Chest Rolling Cooler

Rubbermaid makes this stylish rolling cooler for fashion freaks. For starters, Rubbermaid is a cooler company with lots of entry coolers under their belt. Great for friends/ family reunion, this cooler is big enough to carry all you need.

The two wheels work exceptionally well in sand or on solid ground. Also, the rugged wheels provide users with extra security of it not falling out. It also has durable metal and an extended handle. However, the handle isn’t as comfortable especially when it’s being used as a wheelie.

The largest Rubbermaid model comes in a 75quart size, the cooler accommodates about 130 cans, plus space to fill in ice. Constructed with extra thick insulation materials, the cooler can keep your stuff cold for a staggering five days.

This giant cooler is one of our top pick coolers; the space is enough to keep things in order. You’ll definitely like this one, if you try it out.

Nice build and Aesthetics
Large storage space

Hinges are made of fragile plastic

Coleman 55 Quart Rugged 55 A/T Wheeled Cooler

The Coleman wheeled cooler is the best budget cooler on wheel on the list. It’s stylish, and a rugged design adds to its outlook. Looks aside, it holds 6-inch wheels; this lifts the cooler just above the ground for smooth maneuvers.

It has a leak-resistant drain, which let’s your eliminate water entirely without tilting the product. There’s a bungee tie down which allows users to carry extra luggage on the lid.

As for the downsides of this product, the lid doesn’t seal properly, while the latch doesn’t pull down the lid. Some user’s even complained of the telescoping handles as flimsy.

Overall, the Coleman has a good design; however, it does have some major issues as mentioned above. But if you can forget these problems, then this affordable wheeled cooler is yours to the taking.

It has a leak resistant drain – it purges out water completely
The design is impeccable

Flimsy telescoping handles
Latch doesn’t hold down the lid

Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler

If you want to go on a trip, especially not more than a day, why not carry a wheeled soft-sided cooler with you. The model has a 42 cans capacity and still leaves enough space for ice.

One of the best parts is the multiple zippered compartments, where you can store away your valuables. Made with quality linings, it’s easy to clean off dirt. Also, the bag is leak proof and doesn’t sweat.

Regarding handling, side handles are attached for ease when carrying, and the telescoping handles provide comfortable grips in transport. Compared to the others iceboxes on the list, the wheels are a bit flimsy. Just make sure you don’t drag across rough surfaces. For those of you that need an extra place, you’d be delighted to know it has a bungee strap on top to tie extra items.

Impressive design
Multiple storage compartments to store accessories
Build with leak-proof materials + it doesn’t sweat

The wheels are not sturdy
Some users had problems with closing and opening the zippers

Igloo Glide 110-Quart PRO Coolers

This is the biggest chest on this list, and it’s also one of the most durable, great for a family reunion or group camping. At 110 quart size, the igloo glide can pack all your food, drinks, and a lot more in one piece.

The wheels on the glide 110 are oversized, well-balanced and with a vast amount of room for all your valuables – this cooler can carry up to 150 cans, which would be great for long holiday trips.

Light for its size at 25.4 pounds, it’s also durable. Built with ultrathem insulated body and cool riser technology, users can get up to five days of ice even at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Do keep in mind that these cooler is having oversized wheels and slide-lock-telescoping handle for transport.

Igloo has paid significant attention to detail when designing this product, however, a user mentioned the metal hinges did break after a few days of use. Several reviews also backed the claim.

Massive storage space
It is a definitive looker
Impressive insulation performance and rugged build

Weak metal hinges
The latches don’t apply tension on the lid which doesn’t seal completely

TUNES2GO KoolMAX Cooler Audio System & Power Station

The Tunes2Go is a wheeled as well as cooler with booming speakers. The two in one combination makes the product perfect for outdoor activities. Party hunters will definitely like this:

The highlight comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers which are Hi-Fi water-resistant – fill every outing with your favorite music without carrying separate speakers. On a full charge, the battery is designed to last up to a whopping 16 hours.

When it comes to insulation performance, the Tunes2go thick insulated walls to keep your stuff ice-cold. Yes, the 40-quart capacity holds 48 cans/28 beer bottles. And in the event you are searching for drinks at night, there’s a detachable cooler flashlight to make your search easy. It also has a bungee cord to tie down all your gears in one place.

Various testing and customer reviews revealed the wheels are balanced and sturdily built to take beatings and still stand. In its wheeled form, it features long telescoping handle; extra large side handles for easy transportation.

About downsides, some users mentioned the speakers & Bluetooth having problems. Apart from that, I don’t think there’s anything you should be worried about.

Simply put, Koolmax is one of the best ice chest on wheels you can splurge your cash on.

The Bluetooth speakers produce quality sound
The wheels roll easily over rough paths
Holds ice for days

It’s priced a bit higher
User’s mentioned that the speakers & Bluetooth have issues

K2 Coolers Summit 60Qt – Rotomolded Cooler with Wheels

With elevated wheels, the K2 is well balanced, and wheeling over rough terrains is easy as pie. Dexterously made from rotationally molded plastic parts, this cooler would hold ice for long as though it was in the North Pole.

Although a bit exaggerated, the K2 can keep your drinks & beverages ice-cold for extended periods. It also includes high-quality ice vault lid gasket and hard latches to keep the lid sealed at all times.

The wheeling mechanism is excellent; you’ll be able to wheel over a flat surface; however, it might get a bit difficult on rough surfaces. It comes in Green, white and grey colors.

Overall, the K2 is a great cooler, and we would have made it our top pick but for some few complaints of the fragile handles & its heavy price.

Mobile wheels
tight seal and strong latches
Rugged design
Utilizes rotomolded parts for maximum ice retention

Fragile handles
Quite expensive & telescoping handle isn’t ideal for tall people

Columbia Crater Peak Rolling Cooler

The last on our list is a soft-sided rolling chest from Columbia. With its rugged and 100 percent leak proof liner, you’d be happy to know this bag will last. It is quite spacious for its scale, meaning you can fit a decent amount of drinks and ice. The best part is that it doesn’t sweat.

With that said, the cooler includes a therma-flect radiant barrier which reflects heat. The result is your drinks and food gets to stay cold.

The telescoping handle and rugged terrain wheels are great for wheeling it around. And if you want to pick it up, you’ll be able to do so using the comfortable padded handles. The wheels are ruggedly built to roll over rough terrains without falling out.

Ergonomic design to
Telescoping handle for easy wheeling
The body is made of a liner that’s convenient to wash
Compartments to store accessories

Poor stitching around the cooler bag
The velcro strap doesn’t properly secure the bag to the roller

Best Wheeled Coolers – Things to Consider

If you read our top 10 best cooler on wheels, you can easily go out and purchase a wheeled cooler, right?

Well, it’s a No!

For those who don’t know, wheeled coolers come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. What is the best type of wheeled cooler? Well, no one size fits all. Different purposes require different types of coolers.

Therefore, you need to keep some points in mind before you spend your hard-earned money.

Purpose of Intended Use – Do you need a wheeled cooler?

The most important step before you buy a wheeled ice chest is to ask yourself, if you really need it, or if a regular cooler will leave you satisfied.

Cooler on wheels allows you to easily move around a chest filled with ice, drinks, food, and beverages. Because it might be hard for a single person or group of people to carry, you’ll need coolers with rugged wheels or handles make for easy transportation.

A wheeled cooler serve you more benefits than just wheeling your stuff. You can also use bungee cords to tie down all your gears, while the telescopic handle provides the needed support.

Wheel Type

Generally, there are two wheel types; the indoor and the outdoor wheeled cooler.

The indoor wheeled wheel is best suitable for smooth & paved grounds. They are not built with materials that are optimized for rough grounds, rolling them over risks destroying the wheels.

On the other hand, outdoor wheels are created for tedious outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and hunting. The wheels here are made from sturdy plastic materials; designed with ridges and tough sides to provide maximum resistance against uneven terrains; these wheels can stand abuse.

Handle Height and Tow Handle

The handle height and tow handle are perhaps the most important things you should look out for when buying a wheeled ice chest.

The telescopic handle is quite popular in the market cause of its push and pull mechanism. As it allows you to push the handle and store away, the handle height comes as relieve to tall people.

Best Wheeled Coolers – Conclusion

Finally, wheeled coolers provide a better experience transporting your items. You don’t need to lift a cooler and risk spilling the contents inside, then you’ll need these models for smooth movement on any terrain. As I’ve said earlier, it’ll follow you everywhere like a trained puppy.